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What is Authors Coalition?


The Authors Coalition of America LLC is an organization of twenty-three independent authors' organizations representing text writers, songwriters, visual artists, illustrators and photographers. This formal association marked a milestone in the history of American author groups, and our union has had a healthy unifying effect on American writers as a whole. Together, we represent over 58,000 authors and artists.

The Coalition was formed in 1994, by ten founding Member Organizations, for the purpose of repatriating and distributing the creator's share of foreign non-title specific royalty payments for American works photocopied abroad. Previous to 1994, these collective funds were sent to a U.S. licensing agency, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), where they were spent on copyright enforcement.

With the establishment of Authors Coalition, these funds are more effectively focused on the rightsholders for whom they were paid by proportionate distributions to the associations constitutionally directed to promote and advance their careers. In September 2000, the Coalition and CCC released a joint statement announcing our alliance to the international community of Reprographic Rights Organizations and requesting all RROs send monies in their possession now, and in the future, collected as a result of uses of copyrighted U.S. works.

Presently, the Coalition receives fees via agreement with CCC from KOPINOR (Norway), LITERAR MECHANA (Austria), VG WORT (Germany), BONUS PRESSKOPIA (Sweden), KOPIOSTO (Finland), CEDRO (Spain), REPROBEL (Belgium), STICHTING REPRORECHT (the Netherlands), PRO LITTERIS (Switzerland), FJOLIS (Iceland), OSDEL (Greece), JAMCOPY (Jamaica), COPY DAN (Denmark visual materials only) and CAL (Australia visual materials only). Additional agreements are in the development stages. The Authors Coalition actively seeks additional members fitting the eligibility requirements. Learn more.

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